Starting my career!

2013-10-02 03:08:13 by Leathertoast

Hey all.

So I doubt many of you know me, seeing as I've only submitted two projects onto this site. But I've been an avid Newgrounds user since around 2000, and I really feel like this site is a home for my creativity. Over the years I've been inspired from classic flash animations and artists that have continued my drive for making a career in animation and voice acting. Well I feel it necessary to announce that I am beginning to take hold of opportunities to complete that. Through some lucky streaks and connections, as well as a LOT of practice, I am about to embark on a number of voice roles for television shows. Many details I can't mention, due to NDA contracts and such, but I have obtained voice roles for a children's show, a connection with Shonen Jump, and (if all goes well) the production of a new show to premiere on adult swim. In my short span of kickstarting all of this I've talked to Hollywood executives and voice actors, and I can say that my quest is about to become legit as hell. I've had some VERY lucky breaks.

In saying all of this, I'd just like to say thank you Newgrounds, Tom Fulp and all; you have been a recurring source of inspiration and interest in my passions. If I get good enough at animating (still have some work to go there) then I'd love to submit more content and share my creative drive with the site that I held close all these years.

Starting my career!


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2013-10-02 04:20:23

Best of luck to you man.


2013-10-02 04:52:21

Please tell me Epiclepsy was your in your portfolio.

Leathertoast responds:

Haha actually I did show it to one of the higher-ups in the industry, and they were impressed that I managed to animate the project all myself with no prior experience or training. It did in fact help me get a stronger foothold. Let that be a lesson to other beginning animators; strive on and TRY. You never know how far it'll bring you and it's always worth a shot.


2013-10-02 09:15:06

Glad to hear NG has had such a positive impact in your life. I was expecting your sign-up date to read something incredulously early though, did you wait a few years before grabbing a Ground's Gold? That sign-up date is an emblem of prestige you know. :P

I fetch a ton of inspiration from this place too; always have... a sense of accomplishment too, occasionally. It's got everything you need to appreciate life and live creatively!